Benefits of Increased Semen Volume


Semen or Seminal Fluid is the whitish organic fluid produced by Males through their primary sexual organ, which contains spermatozoa or as they are popularly known, sperm cells. Sperms are essentially carried through with the help of this fluid out of the male body when the males ejaculate.

Semen also contains a complex combination of enzymes, proteins and glucose/fructose and other organic constituents which makes the seminal fluid the ideal carrier to survive in for sperm cells. With each ejaculation, about 100 million sperms are shot out of the male body.

Increased Semen Content: A Sign of Health

Semen is the medium used by sperm cells for transportation from the male sperm producing cells to the female uterus. It is extremely important for the semen quality to be premium so that the sperm cells are given a fair shot at transportation and survival. Increased semen volume is an indication of virility and vitality and one of the most important factors in ensuring a fledgling reproductive health. Diminishing semen content and quality can also pose a threat to human reproduction over generations in general and stunt our evolutionary growth as a species. Let us took a look into how a rise in semen volume is beneficial to your health.

Benefits of Increased Semen Content

1. Increased Sperm Mobility

  • Semen is the milky fluid that aids in nourishing sperms and transporting them to the female reproductive tract. A decrease in the ejaculate volume i.e. a decrease in the semen content will restrict the movement of sperms since they require a medium to “swim”. This eventually leads to a downfall of the overall sperm quality which is being carried. Decreased sperm mobility is an obstruction to conception, as the sperms need to travel to the upper reaches of the uterus and towards the fallopian tubes in order to fertilize an ovum.
  • One of the primary requirements of sexual health is that the male is able to impregnate the female of the species. Now, due to low mobility and consequent low motility, the amount of sperm that makes the long and arduous journey inside the female reproductive system is decreased even at the onset. Whatever sperm manages to start the process is severely impacted as they do not have much of a medium to survive in.
  • This damaging result in sperm quality in turn decreases the possibility of conception as fewer amounts of healthy sperm are now available. This is counterproductive to conception efforts and detrimental to over all reproductive health.
  • With increased semen volume, there is more amount of the base for the sperms to be in. This results in the sperm cells being healthier. They can swim faster and better and this in turn increases the chance of pregnancy.

2. Increased Fertility

  • Semen contains a rich cocktail of amino acids, fructose, proteolytic enzymes, prostaglandins, citric acid, acid phosphatase and lipids that help nourish the spermatozoa. In the absence of adequate semen, sperms will not survive long inside the female reproductive tract.
  • The longevity of spermatozoa is important for fertility. For conception, a sperm must be able to fertilize an ovum within 12-24 hrs of its being release from the ovary and since there is no absolute way to predict exactly when an egg will be released, healthy sperms that can survive at least 3-5 days inside the cervical tract is necessary.
  • An increase in semen content volume ensures that the sperms are surrounded in a conductive environment where they can stay alive for a large period of time. Healthy sperm, in a healthy environment can survive up to 5 days. The more the seminal fluid content, the longer the sperm cells can last and ensure conception. Additionally, the greater the volume of the semen, the higher becomes the probability of early conception.
  • Moreover, one of the most popular remedies of low semen content is through organic enhancement supplements which are made of plant extracts. This is also an aid in increasing the sperm count itself.

3. Intensified Orgasms

  • Male orgasms have a definite reproductive function. It is during the few seconds of Orgasm, the body facilitates the ejaculation. Low semen content means a short low-duration Orgasm ending even before it could take a proper start.
  • Inability to sustain or achieve a proper orgasm has both physiological and psychological implications. A weak orgasm makes a man feel less of a virile being and a general feeling of dejection and moroseness ensues. Physiologically, a shorter orgasm translates to a shorter pleasure cycle. Shorter the pleasure cycle, the less amount of dopamine is released and the less the brain is pleasured. As physiologically the body and the brain receive fewer rewards than they should, the whole sexual act becomes a negative experience.
  • When a man experiences orgasm, it is essentially a series of contractions to expel the semen from the male reproductive tract. The harder the force necessary to ejaculate, the more intense becomes the feeling of pleasure. As such a larger volume of semen will necessitate harder, if not longer, contractions and this in turn intensifies the sensation. Large semen content within the body also essentially means that a male could have recurring orgasms sooner and faster than ever before.
  • Better orgasms thus in turn lift the physiological and psychological health of the man. The better the brain is rewarded with pleasure inducing hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, the more robust a person’s sex drive becomes. Thus increased semen content also creates a healthy surge of libido in males.

4. Heightened Self-confidence

  • The capability to perform in bed has a huge psychological effect on men. Men who experience performance anxiety and feel stunted in their ability to satisfy their women exhibit low self-confidence. Oftentimes, low self confidence, a looming sense of inferiority and insecurity can psychologically impair a man from having proper sexual encounters.
  • This also escalates often to complex snowballing cases of psychological Erectile Dysfunction which are notoriously hard to diagnose and cure.
  • On the other hand, studies have found that men who ejaculate in greater quantity and whose ejaculates have healthy and greater semen content, consider themselves to be more masculine and virile than fellow men.
  • This heightened self confidence ensures that there is less negative energy encompassing the psyche. A boost in confidence also gives rise to men who are focused, driven, mentally healthy and are more passionate about their ventures.

5. Increased Erection Quality

  • Increased semen content translates to the body producing a greater quantity of material for each of your erections. Thus every time a male having greater average volume of seminal fluid is aroused, a greater amount of semen content is facilitated for ejaculation.
  • This process necessitates and ensures that the blood flow to the penile organs is kept at a maximum efficient level. Blood flow is crucial for erections. Increased and regular blood flow keeps the erectile tissues at prime condition, which helps in better erections.
  • The blood which flows into the male genital also ensures that the erection which is attained is lengthy and is not soft. Increased semen volume means that the frequency of erections is also increased. Spontaneous erections, attained each night for several times during REM part of the sleep cycle are also helped when there is increased semen content.
  • The spontaneous erections in turn help in maintaining a proper blood flow to the genitals. This is crucial for keeping the male sexual health at an optimum level.

How to increase semen volume

Let us take notes of the few natural and wholesome ways on how you can improve your semen content:

  • Drinking a lot fluid is beneficial as semen is water based. The higher the amount of water the body ingests, more likely it is to have a increased ejaculation.
  • Drinking alcohol, conversely, leads to dehydration and lowers effective sperm count.
  • Subjecting oneself to warm conditions like a steamy sauna bath or long rides in cars on heated seats is detrimental to semen content
  • Wearing tight undergarments also are a major cause for the decrease in semen content.
  • Not sitting in a cross legged position also helps in increasing the volume of seminal fluids.
  • An intake of zinc and folic acid is reported to have increased sperm count by 74% amongst healthy other men.
  • Amino acids such as L-Arginine, L-Lysine and L-Carnitine are reported to have benefited the average ejaculate volume.
  • Eating a proper nutritious & detoxifying diet also helps in increase of seminal fluid volume.
  • Smoking may lead to a lower sperm count, lower fluid volume and imperfections in the sperm cells. Quitting smoking helps in recovering a greater volume of ejaculate.
  • Leading a stress free balanced life which is wholesome brings about feelings of relaxation in to the psyche. A proper mental rest along with sufficient amount of balanced lifestyle can make semen volume go up again.
  • Apply those 4 secret tips...


When it comes to men’s health, a healthy sex life is utmost importance. It is becoming increasingly difficult day by day to keep up with the natural health standards we organically have due to various external reasons. Semen content volume is a great indication of a man’s virile strength and reproductive abilities. While low semen content might be indicative of far sinister implications, it is wiser to pay close attention to one’s semen content and quality from the get go. Increased semen volume content conversely is indicative of a man’s vitality. It points to a balanced lifestyle, engaging sex life and fullest physical and psychological health.

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