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She Won't Be Able To Think Of Anyone Else

We’re talking the porn star caliber ropes that lacquer her body and streak her hair (just don’t get any in her eyes...I’ve heard it burns).

blow big loads on her by developing hyperspermia

Scientists actually have a term for it…

They call it hyperspermia

Yeah dude… it’s a real word – Google it.

Now there’s more than a few good things about being a dude who brews a big, boiling batch of man batter in his balls…

So what are some of these “good reasons” why blowing porn star loads will have such a massive impact on the quality of your sex life?

Well, first…there’s the fact that guys with higher semen volume also have higher circulating levels of testosterone and growth hormone…

This means you’ll be more sexually dominant, have more youthful energy surging in your veins, and have the sex drive to rock her world at the drop of a hat.

Next… there’s the confidence increase that comes (no pun intended) when you level your lady with a warm release that makes her squeal “wow!”

Like I said most women really love it when a guy blows a big load… in survival terms it means you have a better chance of making her pregnant…

But the biggest benefit of all… is the pleasure!

The scientific community has actually published several studies in the last few decades demonstrating that men with larger semen volumes have longer, more intense orgasms…

Up to 2-5 times longer and more intense.

Female pleasure

So intense that you shake and sputter and lose yourself in that carefree state of ultimate satisfaction

waves of intense pleasure

And the look on your lady’s face when you release that kind of seismic orgasm…

well, let’s just say that your pleasure will be her pleasure.

Because there’s nothing like a powerful man who seizes the opportunity to ravish his woman with several intense orgasms…

And who gives himself the gift of incredible pleasure at the same time.

There’s nothing that turns her on more than when you OWN HER, when you stake your claim upon her…

Quite frankly…

Your ability to rock her world… all begins with your ability to rock your own.

Women take their keys from you, they want you to lead and if you’re not leading yourself into intense pleasurable release… you can’t lead her.

Your woman wants and needs you to feel that kind of ultimate pleasure in order for her to really lose herself enough to feel her own.

And the real key to enjoying that kind of ultimate pleasure is to blow bigger loads of semen with each orgasmic release.

Science has confirmed what you as a man have probably suspected your whole life…

Bigger loads = BIGGER ORGASMS!

Now you might already have heard about tantric sex…

But while you can have longer orgasms by holding back…

The most intense, pleasurable, reality-redefining orgasms you can have happen when you RELEASE!

Most scientists actually believe that the male orgasm exists to ejaculate and release semen…

Without it… none of us would even be here.

And there is only 1 scientifically proven way to do that and it has nothing to do with breathing exercises…

or muscle strengthening…

or trying to distract yourself when you’re doing the deed…

The only way you can do it reliably…

…is by having big, thick, pearl-white loads of semen that spray out like streams of pressurized water from the tip of your rock-hard member.

And the never-ending waves of intense orgasmic pleasure that go along with them.

See, when you have more semen to release… there is more pressure inside of your scrotum.

This pressure creates a feedback loop in your body that actually allows you to extend pleasure.

This is because your body wants you to release a giant load under high pressure that fills your lady with loads of cum.

In survival terms it just means you have a higher chance of impregnating her.

So when you have larger loads of sperm you signal to your body to have larger and longer orgasms.

Longer and more pleasurable orgasms create a chain reaction in your nervous system that increase your sex drive.

So it’s really simple, bigger semen volume means longer and more pleasurable orgasms leading to a higher sex drive.

On top of that, the whole chemistry factory working inside of your manhood will fire up a host of positive changes that will increase your sensitivity and make sex that much more pleasurable.

But before I can share the secret with you…

I have to give you…

The Crazy Scoop On How I Discovered This Weird Little Trick to Shoot Kamikaze Loads And Have Reality Warping Orgasms…

I was working in a small financial company as a software engineer and the long hours and stress were starting to take their toll on my sex life. I started noticing during sex with my girlfriend at the time that my releases were a puff of watery dribbles… And at the same time I had started to notice that I wasn’t getting the same satisfaction.

My climax was starting to become a blunted, uninspiring kind of orgasmic pleasure. I started to wonder if there was a connection between my weak releases and the lowered pleasure I felt during sex.

before juicing

I started doing some research on the internet… I spent long hours sifting through PubMed searches and reading through long, boring research articles trying to find a connection. Then I finally hit it… the mother load (no pun intended)… I found a study by Masters and Johnson in the late 1970s that discovered that while ejaculation and orgasm were separate actions… there was a link between them.

need coffee

Participants in the study showed a significant increase in subjective pleasure with larger semen volume ejaculated.

A more recent study out of England using electrodes implanted in two muscles known to be involved with orgasmic pleasure showed increased response with larger semen volume. So now that I hadproof the next thing I needed to do was figure out how I was going to increase my sperm count.

pleasure with larger semen volume

I tried “volumizer” products but all they did was make my balls hurt and give me stomachaches.

I tried “edging techniques” but all they did was give me blue balls.

I tried a bunch of natural supplements that were supposed to raise my testosterone and make me a “beast in the bedroom,” they helped me get morning wood but no go on the mojo…

I was starting to feel pretty frustrated… until one Friday night after work I decided to head to a watering hole downtown near my condo.

It was there that I saw him…

A work colleague from Mongolia who everyone called “Timmy.”

Timmy was a dumpy looking guy about 5'3" with a face rounder than the moon…

He was sitting at the bar, looking well dressed and all but still pretty dorky if you asked me.

3 hot women having fun in bar

But around him there were 3 beautiful young girls.

At first I thought that they might be cocktail waitresses working him for tips… but they were all dressed in the blouses, skirts and heels of the “professional office type.”

They were touching him and laughing at him… two of them leaned in and whispered in his ear and gave him that coy, wide-eyed look of a girl begging to be bent over and thrashed like a horny jackrabbit in heat…

This went on and on for a good 40 minutes until the girls all went to the bathroom together (as girls seem to be genetically programmed from birth to do).

I saw my opportunity so I went over to him.

He recognized me right away.

“Olivier… hey how long have you been here…?” He asked.

He was a little drunk but I still managed to ask him “so how did you meet the girls?”

He said “oh, those are girls who work in the marketing department… aren’t they hot?”

“Yes, yes…” I said, “are they all with you?”

He looked at me straight in the eyes… “yeah man… they’re with me.”

He pointed at himself proudly with two thumbs and gave a big smile.

So then I had to ask them… “how did you get those girls?”

He looked at me straight in the face and said “I’m magic…”

…He threw his head back and howled with laughter.

“I don’t know man…” he said, “I just… you know… talk, make them laugh, tease them…”

Then he leaned and whispered…

“Plus, I have my little Mongolian Secret.”

I wanted to ask him more but just then the girls returned from the rest room.

I introduced myself to them and they were polite but they immediately turned their attention back to Timmy…

One of them whispered something in his ear and he leaned in and whispered back.

He stood up, knocked back what was left of his lager, and said, “Well, we have to get going Olivier.”

He had a gleam in his eye that told me there was more than just a nightcap waiting for him back at his place…

But before he left he handed me his card… on the back it said “Olivier, call me and I’ll fill you in.”

As he was leaving I watched him walk away… his stumpy body surrounded by leggy women with asses that looked like they’d been chiseled by God himself.

I admit it… I was jealous.

My girlfriend was definitely cute… but not like the girls Timmy was with.

And what’s more is that they really seemed to worship him.

Like they couldn’t get enough of him.

I just wanted to know how a guy who looked so plain and even dorky could mesmerize women like that.

So I called him up on Sunday and asked if I could buy him a beer and pick his brain.

He accepted and we met at a bar and grill a few blocks from my house.

3 sexy women having fun in bar

You Too Can Become The World’s Greatest Conqueror In The Bedroom Starting Today

It started off in a pretty boring fashion.

We met up… got a few appetizers and some beer. A few pleasant exchanges about what we had been working on at work… The normal bullshit. But sometime around the 2nd beer we started to get into talking about the real stuff. He told me a story that totally blew my mind.

Ghengis Khan

The year was 1201 and an ambitious young Mongolian known to history as Ghengis Khan had just begun his slow ascent to the height of power in the ancient world. Consolidating power in a few fledgling tribes he’d banded together… He decided to take a huge risk (something all badass leaders do) and raid a small series of towns along a route known to history as the Silk Road to bring them under his control.

warring tribes of Huns and Mongols

Trade volume had been down over the last century because warring tribes of Huns and Mongols often attacked traders carrying valuable goods. If the gamble pays off… the routes will be safe from raid and the riches that are brought in can help the ambitious young Khan hire more soldiers and build a larger army…

If it fails… he risks ostracizing the chieftains in his country that are not yet loyal to him who count on the tribute from the plunder… The raid goes well and the routes are secure. Many are captured in the raid and placed into prison and forced labor by the Mongolians until they can prove their loyalty…

One man proves his loyalty in a strange way… He was known to his contemporaries as Abaka which means “uncle” and his knowledge of foreign spices and medical tinctures was soon to become nothing short of legendary.

In particular… he knew of a spice traded by the merchants that could give a man a very special kind of potency. He grew a friendship with a cousin of the ambitious young Ghengis Khan and grew his reputation as a man who knows how to use herbs and tinctures. Word spread to Khan who as supreme leader has not just his own wife but a harem of over a dozen concubines to satisfy…

Cistanche increases sperm production

Khan tries the tincture and the results speak for themselves… He finds it not only improves his performance and desire… but amplifies his focus and aggression. He can channel his already high levels of dominant energy into even more ambitious goals

fight between chineses and mongols

Abaka is appointed his chief medical officer and is charged with making sure that enough of the herbal potion is secured so that Khan and his whole army will have a regular supply. Over the next 50 years Khan destroys his rivals, takes on China, conquers the known world and builds an empire that permanently altered the history of Asia and Europe…

Thanks in no small part to the secret herbal potions he and his fellow soldiers guzzled every day to help them have sex and fight like true warriors. Well… a family legend tells that this man Abaka was so grateful to Khan that he instituted a family tradition to name the oldest son born to each of his heirs after the great Mongolian Conqueror.

Before he became Ghengis Khan or “supreme leader” to his people he was known as Temujin. It turns out… that “Timmy” is a Westernized nickname version of Temujin… the birth name of my new friend. And a family scroll recorded the name and occupation of each of his heirs for over 9 centuries… stretching all the way back to Abaka himself.

I have to admit it was quite a story. I was going to ask him but before I could even speak a word he brought out a little purple pouch and set it on the table in front of me. “This…” he said, is a grind of the exact herbal formula that men in my family have used for centuries…

The Herbal Formula Descended From The Mongolian Dynasty Itself…

But there was just one small problem…

The herbs made a tincture that tasted like fermented ass crack.

I told Timmy about it… but he just laughed and said “hey man… greatness has its price.

Well, I tried the herbs for 4 days but on day 5, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

The stuff just tasted so awful, it made me want to vomit.

So I decided to mix it with a few spices and some sweet and sour juices.

The tincture I made still tasted pretty bad… but it was at least tolerable.

Around day 6… I started to notice a major difference.

My girlfriend was over and was hungry for the kind of sexual satisfaction that a “vegetarian dinner” wouldn’t satisfy…

She Needed to Fill Her Mouth with Some Meat to Feel Satisfied…

big fat pipe with strong valve

By the time she took me into her mouth I was so hard I felt like I could drill holes in pavement.

It was almost painful.

But as she started to tease me with her lips and tongue I noticed that the head of my manhood had never felt so sensitive.

The growls of pleasure that I released from my throat made her hotter and only increased her desire to perform for me.

She started to tease, tantalize, and work to thrill me with her mouth, lips and tongue in ways that she had never done before.

She kept up the brisk pace taking me all the way in until she could barely breath and then releasing my shaft to flutter around me with her mouth.

I felt the pressure and intensity continue to increase…

sexual lips

The pleasure I was feeling was purer and keener than I remember feeling in years.

I also recall that even though I was very sensitive and responsive that I didn’t reach orgasm too quickly…

As I reached my climax she continued to use her hands to finish me off but this time…

Instead of dribbling out a few watery dabs of cum…

firefighter with big hose

I Exploded While She Became An Eager Milking Machine…

Thick streams of cum shot out of the tip of my member and I half expected her to pull away but instead… I noticed her lean in.

She continued to pleasure me and I continued to spasm as waves of intense orgasmic euphoria overcame me.

I kept ringing out ropes of precious fluid as my muscles contracted again and again with sexual release…

After what seemed to be an eternity of pleasure I opened my eyes to see my girlfriend on her knees, continuing to fondle me and look up at me totally shocked.

Her chin, neck and breasts were covered in my manly release.

I would have thought she would be upset but instead...her eyes widened with delight and she simply squealed, “wow!”

wet woman

The delight and pleasure in her voice resonated deep inside me and made me feel prouder and more powerful than I had felt in recent memory.

She cleaned herself off and we continued for several more rounds that evening until we both collapsed in exhaustion.

The next morning as we were bathing in the mutual glow of multi-orgasmic bliss she confessed that when I had released like that… she had never felt more turned on by me.

Just knowing that she could make me that excited made her excited and roused a sexual hunger in her that she didn’t even know she had.

And the incredible intensity of the orgasms I experienced from the first to the last that evening ASTOUNDED ME!

She started to look at me differently… those big pools of total devotion welling in her eyes. She literally NEVER argued with me. She started going to the gym more often to work out so she could really look good for me. And no night went by without her insisting that I gift her with my powerful member and potent loads.

devoted girlfriend

Hard to believe? It’s Absolutely True Says Well Known Sex Advisor

“Olivier’s organic smoothie recipes give you a variety of tasty options to fuel your man cannon. Build your erectile health from the outside in with good nutrition to counter today’s toxic world and overly-processed foods.” — Susan Bratton 💋

Susan is a trusted hot sex advisor, TV celebrity, CEO of Personal Life Media, Inc. and creator of Revive Her Drive - The Passion Patch and Relationship Magic

Susan Bratton, trusted hot set advisor, TV celebrity, CEO of Personal Life Media Inc. and creator of Revive Her Drive - The Passion Patch and Relationship Magic

Women Will Start To Treat You Noticeably Different Guaranteed

It was also at this time that I started to experiment with different ways to mix the herbs in a drink that would make it taste better.

I did a little research and found out that certain fruits actually have a high concentration of enzymes that would help transport the active chemicals in the herbs into my body.

I shared my recipe with Timmy and he agreed that it was very tasty and even more potent.

I decided to call this potent cocktail The Mongolian Man Blast to give honor the Mongolian Secret that’s at it’s core.

I also discovered in my research that there were other compounds in everyday foods that when combined together in just the right way could give any man a potent increase in sexual power…

naughty watermelon

I started to drink those on a daily basis as well… and I noticed even better results.

My woman started to notice that my semen tasted sweeter and had better texture after drinking some of the juice recipes…

…so I took note and came up with a Flavor Factor that would rate each of the juice beverages on how good they would make my semen taste.

I shared everything I discovered with Timmy and he started to get the exact same results as I had.

I started to record everything that I was doing just so I could keep track of the changes I had made and what worked…

With all the experimentation it would have been really easy to get lost and forget.

And by the time the dust settled…

I knew I had something special.

A collection of 17 recipes that would make any man’s Johnson sing with joy…

Gift him with superior swagger, focused dominance, giant loads and the most intense, reality-warping orgasms of his entire life…

And give him the power to paint his lady’s face like a Jackson Pollack…

Somewhere along the line this little black book of spooge enhancing power got a nickname…

The Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice Recipes

Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice Recipes

It’s the world’s first and only way to jack your semen volume to almost supernatural levels using 100% natural juice recipes.

It’s an unassuming collection of 17 frothy beverages that will slam more semen into your sack than you’ve ever had in your entire life…

It’s the secret weapon of the sexually elite.

You’ll give your flesh warrior the nuclear firepower of weapons grade plutonium…

Your body will crackle with dominant energy…

Your mind will become a pure, focused, atom-splitting force of nature…

And you might start to shoot such massive, high velocity loads you’ll have to sign your dick up for anger management classes…

But here’s the best part…

While these recipes have all the power to give you massive loads, epic orgasms, and faster recovery times, I've also decided to take this thing to a whole 'nother level…

Because just drinking juice won’t be enough to realize the full power of this system.

You’ve got to initiate the right signals in your manhood to really set off the chain reaction thats going to make you a Sex God on steroids.

So I’ve included 30 minutes of video giving you specialized tips that will set off the fireworks in your manhood…

Best part is… they involve having more sex

You’re really gonna love this.

The Paint Her Face Formula Gives You Everything You Need To

  • Women secretly love a man who blows a huge load… they see is as a sign of dominance and get turned on by the sexual thrill that they give you.
  • Switch on the natural feedback loop inside of your nervous system that doesn't just produce giant loads… but gives you the superhuman sexual drive you had as a teenager.
  • When you jack up your man factory you also increase your orgasmic capacity… giving you more ammunition to go several rounds instead of just galloping to a single, blunted orgasm.
  • Need to recover faster? Producing higher semen volume is the most reliable way to renew those primal signals in the depths of your manhood… releasing a new level of sexual potency that will let you recharge at light speed. (This alone is worth the price of the whole guide).
  • You automatically start to improve your nerve response… giving you the pulsing pleasure and searing sensitivity that makes sure you get and stay hard.
  • Naturally boost your staying power giving you the prowess to come on command and enjoy those 20, 30 even 40 minute love-making sessions regularly.
  • A tantalizing treat that will make your loads a sweet delicious treat that your woman will greedily gulp to the last drop...get ready for more blowies and more swallows, she won't be able to help herself.
  • Discover the dark side sexual secrets no one else has the balls to share that work in synergy with the advanced nutrient protocol so that you explode in a never-ending orgasm every, single time.

But before we go any further…

These Juice Recipes Are Not For Everyone!
Nutri Ninja juice blender

I do have to let you know at this point that these juice recipes are not for everyone.

For instance… not every woman out there is going to want you to cover her in a fountain of cum.

So you’ll have to let your lady know when you’re about to blow because after a few short weeks of drinking these juice recipes…

Your sexual release might make a stud horse green with envy.

So dude… do us both a favor and promise me you won’t go all “Peter North” on your girl’s face if she’s not down.

I also have to warn you that not every man will start to shoot like a Smith and Wesson just because he increases his semen volume.

The way that your muscles contract and the way that you release during orgasm is dependent somewhat on your genes so even though you WILL notice 2-5 times larger volume and long lasting, deeply satisfying orgasms that seem to go on for days…

Smith and Wesson

I don’t want every man to assume he’s going to be spurting streams of semen that look like a water garden display.

So if you want some B.S. con artist to sell you pie and the sky garbage about miraculously reaching super star sex god status overnight…

This guide isn’t for you.

It’s only for men who refuse to accept the “sexual status quo” and the garbage myths that tell them that they’re already having the best sex they can possibly have.

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Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice Recipes

You’ll discover all 17 recipes specially formulated juice cocktails with fruits, veggies, and herbs that will deliver a potent wallop of precursors, nutrients, and trace minerals to make your penis sing hosannas.

Now, any of the ingredients alone… may not do much for your sexual pleasure or your semen volume.

But when you combine them in this synergistic way… KABOOM!

I’ll tell how in simple, easy to understand English so you don’t need a Ph.D. to pack a whole new level power into your sexual performance.

Every, single recipe also has a Flavor Factor score from 1 to 10 that will tell you how good your jizz will taste.

So you won’t just have better, more intense, and longer lasting orgasms… you’ll also deliver heavy loads of succulent spunk that won’t make your lady curl her nose.

She might start to look forward to swallowing when you follow these recipes… no exaggeration… I get testimonials from guys every day.

Here’s The Juice Boosting Recipes Guaranteed To Rock Her World And Shoot Your Dominance Skyward

The Messy Suzy

The Messy Suzy

Even if your lady doesn’t go by that name… regularly sipping this potent potable and she’ll be using two towels for clean up.

The Big Purple Snatch Soaker

The Big Purple Snatch Soaker

A great tasting combo of beets and ginger with a secret herbal add on that will have you pumping hot loads of pud all over your girls stomach.

The Not So Virgin Mary

The Not So Virgin Mary

Your friend Mary may become sticky instead of bloody but this will be so much fun.

The Cotton Candy Cum Creator

The Cotton Candy Cum Creator

It won’t make your spooge pink… but it might give your girl fond childhood memories of the carnival.

The Baby Batter Booster

The Baby Batter Booster

As you are having sex, before you reach orgasm, first make her beg for you to cum inside her. Then, make her beg for you to impregnate her so that she can have your babies. Once she comply, give her the most amazing creampie that she deserve to have.

The Mongolian Manblast

The Mongolian Manblast

Fills your sack, makes your balls low and heavy, and upgrades your swagger all in the same shot. Best part is… it tastes great and you’ll notice results in as little as 3 days.

The Sweet and Sour Tit Splasher

The Sweet and Sour Tit Splasher

The name says it all… and this is the most dominant way to tell a girl: I love you

The Jolly Green Jizz Maker

The Jolly Green Jizz Maker

After this one, it is not only the juice that will be jolly…

Sweet Frosty Face Paint

Sweet Frosty Face Paint

For the artist within. Give her the gift of the most beautiful facial that she ever had.

The Green Monster Load Maker

The Green Monster Load Maker

This cool, clean and crisp number doesn’t just give you thick loads of face painting prowess… it boosts your immune system and skyrockets your energy levels.

The Sweet Peter

The Sweet Peter

Named after the legendary Peter North this bad boy will fill your Johnson with joy juice… and make you taste better all at the same time.

The Flesh Muzzle Loader

The Flesh Muzzle Loader

This is always a winner for the very talkative ones.

The Big Green Plaster Potion

The Big Green Plaster Potion

This one never goes out of trend. You will decorate your girlfriend bedroom’s walls with your plaster distributor.

The Seminal Surprise

The Seminal Surprise

Girls love surprises. With this juice, she is in for a big, fun and sticky surprise that she won’t forget soon.

Happy Birthday Frosting

Happy Birthday Frosting

She will be forever grateful for this naughtly little birthday present.

The Jackson Pollock Formula

The Jackson Pollock Formula

This is the juice you need to spice up a little bit a date to an art gallery.

The 5 Ropes Sweet Release

The 5 Ropes Sweet Release

This thing will make you spasm up to heaven. On top of that, it is the fruit juice with highest Flavor Factor index.

The best part of all of this is that the changes that allow you to experience higher semen volumes and more sexual pleasure actually improve your overall health.

And just to take everything one step further…

I’m going to do something a little crazy here and include a super bonus for those who are willing to take action right here on this very page.

It’s a little secret that I call…

The Mangasm Multiplier - $97 Value

Mangasm Multiplier

This bad boy is one of my secret weapons for an explosive sexual experience of longer and more intense pleasure than you’ve felt in years with a very impressive amount of semen.

Did you know that according to the American Medical Association there are actually 4 stages in your erection as the sexual arousal increase?

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But most men can only maintain the extremely rigid stage 4 erection for a few seconds before an orgasm…

Until now

With the Mangasm Multiplier, you’ll have a way to:

  • have explosive messy huge loads by being able to delay orgasm while increasing the length of sexual stimulation
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  • extend your orgasms for longer and more intense pleasure

Get ready for your lady to buck and grind you harder and longer than she has in recent memory as you gift her with the kind of piercing sexual pleasure NO MAN has ever given her before.


I’m going to give you a copy of a very special guide to supplementation that can super size your nut sack…

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Paint Her Face Formula and bonuses

Read How Real Men Just Like You Dramatically Pound From Their New Driver’s Seat…

I shared these recipes with a few of my personal friends here in Montreal.

I wanted to know that my experience wasn’t unique and that other men could also get results.

Here’s what a few of them had to say.

“When I first heard the idea that I could have better orgasms by increasing semen volume I thought it was nonsense. When Olivier said that I could do it with fruit and vegetable juice I thought he had lost his mind. But after trying it for a few weeks all I can say is I am now convinced. My wife and I thank you for your discovery.”
Jacques, 55
“Juices all taste great and definitely work. I have to say that this guide has given me better orgasms than I had in at least 10 years. My girl even started to enjoy swallowing now because she says my semen tastes better.”
Liam, 23
“It is a strange idea but it really does work. I am more sensitive and every sexual release is more intense and pleasurable. My sex drive has increased to the point that my wife and I now have sex 5-7 times a week. We haven’t had that much sex since we were newlyweds. Thank you for this strange but awesome guide.”
Jacob, 36

So I want you to imagine something…

Just a few short days from now after you start to upgrade your boys and increase your semen production…

What would it feel like to polish off an epic session with your lady and absolutely shower her with your release?

To shudder and lose yourself in a world-warping orgasm that feels better and lasts longer than any you’ve felt since you can remember…

And when you’re finally spent…

…and every last drop has been delivered, you open your eyes and your lady has a glazed sparkle in her eyes…


She says...

“That was a lot!!!”

I’m sure that’s something you’d love to experience isn’t it?

I mean… what guy wouldn’t?

So I guess I just have to ask you…

Most Men Would Pay Anything To Guarantee Dream Girl Drilling Orgasms From Now On

What would it be worth to you to writhe with intense release as waves of transcendent, tantalizing orgasmic pleasure overcome your manhood?

When I asked my friends that I shared the recipes with what they would pay to know this kind of pleasure…

They all said they wouldn’t hesitate to pay $297 to have these recipes.

But they had already experienced the results and if you’re reading this then you’ve already given me some of your trust by reading this far…

So I’m not going to make you pay $297.

Which is more than fair considering how you’ll soon be enjoying more sexual pleasure than you have in your WHOLE LIFE

Or even $37 for these recipes, which is more than fair considering that they will ignite a chain reaction of man enhancing power that will alter the course of your sexual destiny.

But since you’ve trusted me and invested in yourself…

I know you’re the kind of man that can really benefit from these recipes.

So I’m going to go out on a limb and let you have all 17 recipes…

…for just $34

And just to make sure you’re completely satisfied and have no reservations…

I’ll back up the performance of these recipes with an iron-clad 60-day triple guarantee.

No risk 60 days guarantee seal

Here’s how it works:

Happy man juicing with regular blender

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banana licking

There are almost no men’s health experts that even understand the connection between semen volume and sexual pleasure.

I know that you don’t want overpriced pills, silly pumps or lame advice about eating oysters and chocolate to improve your sex life.

You don’t need a specialized juicing blender. ANY regular culinary blender will do to get you started.

Also, since every single one of these recipes is powerful and portable… you never have to worry about fitting them into your schedule or busy routine.

Just a few short minutes a day to blend one up and enjoy!

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Click here to buy Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes
Click here to buy Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes
Click here to buy Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes
Here are just a few more reasons that these blended beverage recipes are for you:
  • They are delicious - There’s no sacrifice or choking downchalky powders and tasteless green crap
  • They are easy and fast - you don’t need to be a great cook and you don’t spend your mornings getting out pots and pans to make a healthy meal on the go
  • They are fun and exciting to prepare - If you do not associate fun with kitchen, you are in for a surprise… they are very of fun to prepare
  • They are flexible - you can still live your life because you don’t have to try and change everything around… just make a few small habit changes and 1 blended beverage every morning
  • The changes are fast - within 24 hours you WILL notice a difference in your load volume

You’ve Got Questions?
I’ve Got The Answers You Want

I understand you may have some valid concern and you probably don’t believe investing in a simple solution that can help you reclaim your manhood with normal testosterone levels. I’m living proof that it can! That’s why I would like to address some of these frequently asked questions I receive from men just like you. In this way you can see how easy it is to use the power of juicing to become the man that you really want to be!

What juicer/blender would you recommend that is easy to clean and all that?
In the juice recipe book, there is a section where you will receive 4 blender recommendations along with explanations of the pros and cons of each type of blender.

You don’t need a specialized juicing blender. ANY regular culinary blender will do to get you started.

You just need a blender (I’ll tell you all about my favorite one inside the book), a couple of cheap and common ingredients found in all groceries and these phenomenal recipes to paint her face while having the most amazing orgasms within just a few days time.

Click here to buy Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes
Click here to buy Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes
Click here to buy Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes

Do I need to go to any crazily far to reach places or pay insane prices to get some of the ingredients needed for the recipes?
Most ingredients are common food found in all groceries. Some of the recipes contains some ingredients that you should find in most natural stores but can also be purchased online for a very affordable price. These herbal supplements added to the juice will amplify the results tremendously but they are optional.

How long before I notice results?
Only few hours after having drink a juice, you should notice an increase in your semen volume. If you follow everything exactly as I lay out, you will continue to notice improvements as the time passes.

What if it doesn’t work for me?
If you don’t notice a difference, just send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to issue you a refund. No question, no hassles.

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Click here to buy Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes
Click here to buy Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes
Click here to buy Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes

How long does it take for me to get the program?
About few minutes. After purchasing, you’ll have instant access to the entire Paint Her Face Formula program. You can download it to your computer and start increasing your semen volume right away. Nothing is shipped in the mail so you don’t have to wait through any long fulfillment process for your program. Plus, doing it this way allows me to offer you the entire system at a reduced price, which are bonus points for you!

Can I trust your guarantee?
Of course. I know you are skeptical, and perhaps you purchased similar products in the past that just didn’t own up to the hype. I can’t speak for other product creators. Honestly, this is the type of commitment that I am willing to take and it is enforced by ClickBank.

Who is ClickBank?
Clickbank is a global platform where digital product creators can share their information with millions of customers on a 100% secure network. Only after being approved through a strict authorization process and showing evidence on all written claims can a product creator sell their program using this platform. Clickbank’s stern approval process ensures only high quality products and valid information is given to all customers.

Can I use PayPal to Checkout?
Yes. You can securely purchase Paint Her Face Formula using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.

Will I be billed more than once?
No. Paint Her Face Formula is a one time secure payment and you’ll be an owner of the program forever.

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Click here to buy Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes
Click here to buy Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes
Click here to buy Paint Her Face Formula: 17 Natural Semen Enhancing Juice recipes