The Top 5 Benefits of Hyperspermia

Hyperspermia is a condition in the male body, wherein there is a noted increase in the volume of semen produced. The condition has been found to be quite beneficial, especially in respect of its effects on the sexual health of men.

Semen – The fluid which 'sows your seed' is basically the core of the reproductive system of males. It is the fluid that acts as a carrier of the male sperm cells to the female egg cells, thereby completing the first and foremost phase of progeny.

The volume of semen produced is a factor equally important to the quality (sperm count, the presence of necessary compounds, etc.), which make high levels of production of Semen absolutely necessary for a healthy and exciting sex life. To put it straightforwardly, if you want yourself to be counted as highly fertile and want a happy partner, then you just gotta have pretty high semen volumes.

Sperm in action

A host of Beneficial Effects Of Hyperspermia

There is plenty right with Hyperspermia, which pretty much overshadows the ill – effects of such increase advocated by a few people. Thus, as they say, the more the merrier. After all, who would enjoy a trickle when “old faithful” is in the sights, right?

Old Faithful geyser, Yellowstone

Read on to get an in-depth view of the reasons you need to beef up your manly juices for:

Sperm Mobility SkyRockets:

The primary function of semen or seminal fluid is the transportation of sperm cells from the male reproductive organ to as far as possible into the female reproductive tract, from where the sperm cells continue their onward journey to the egg cells. The journey from the male to the female reproductive system is quite arduous and most of the sperm cells perish or are damaged in the process. Therefore, adequate impetus and mobilization are necessary for the sperm cells to be at their effective best and to ensure that a higher number of sperm cells make the journey unharmed. Increased seminal volume, thus provides that extra boost required by the sperm cells to be able to penetrate deeper and also have higher chances of causing conception, by sheer strength in numbers.

Boost to Fertility in Men:

Increase in seminal volume has a great positive effect on the fertility of men. In addition to the fact that it acts as a carrier of the sperm cells, it also provides necessary nutrition to the sperm cells, which enable them to live long enough to complete the reproductive chain. For this purpose, semen is well endowed with various amino acids ( building blocks of proteins ), fructose, various acids and other necessary macro/ micronutrients. It is, therefore a thumb – rule concept that the more semen there is present, higher the chances of survival for the sperm cells for long enough. This period of survival that may be required for successful impregnation may range from 12 hours to 5 days, depending on when the female egg cells are released by the ovaries and high seminal volumes work to ensure just that.

Happy woman after being inseminated by her lover

Increases Quality Of Orgasms:

An orgasm is generally the culmination of the sexual activity, which involves muscular contractions and release, I.e. Ejaculation. The quality of the contractions, particularly the hardness and duration, determines the amount of pleasure derived from the orgasm. The volume of semen produced affects the pleasure derived by influencing the strength and duration of the contractions – the more the volume of semen produced, harder and longer the contractions and hence, greater the pleasure derived.

Hyperspermia, in addition to creating a pleasurable experience in bed, also increases the frequency of Orgasms, as increased semen volume means that the reserves are deep and the body needs lesser time to recuperate after one orgasm, a time generally used for the production of semen in sufficient quantities for the next ejaculation.

The quality of the orgasm is an essential factor in determining various physiological and psychological processes and patterns in men. For instance, the mood is uplifted after a satisfactory sexual performance which includes Orgasms, as a result of the brain being supplied increased pleasure – giving hormones such as Dopamine and Oxytocin, which is affected positively upon by increased seminal volumes.

Boost In Self-Confidence:

As said earlier, there are a number of physiological and psychological factors influenced by the increase in the volume of semen. It ensures a pleasurable experience in bed and satisfaction to both the partners. A good performance in bed has various psychological effects on men. It eradicates performance anxiety, which is one of the culprits behind low self-confidence in men and may lead to much more complex issues such as Erectile Dysfunction due to psychological reasons, which is complex enough for diagnosis and treatment. The increased seminal volume thus prevents a range of sexual health issues caused due to lack of self-confidence owing to its self-confidence boosting attributes.

Longer, Harder Erections:

The increase in the volume of semen causes healthy levels of sexual desire and libido in men, which implies that the hormonal reserves necessary for the same are maintained at healthy levels. This, in turn, leads to increasing the duration and frequency of erections, owing to the availability of necessary hormones, for which a proper flow of blood to the genitals is facilitated by the body. This regular flow of blood to the reproductive organ ensures that it stays in good shape and state as opposed to when there is a lack of blood supply to it. The increased volume of semen, therefore, enlivens the entire chain of organs involved in the process and helps churn out maximum performance in bed.


Thus, to sum things up, Hyperspermia has its own set of benefits on the male physiology and is something to be taken necessary steps and measures to ensure, particularly in the ultra busy and stressful lifestyle in the modern world, where people tend to ignore simple health factors, such as this, which may actually go a long way in making life easier and healthier for them in the long run. In this particular case, so to add, it may actually make life better not only for the concerned person but also his partner.

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