11 Foods To Increase Semen Volume

11 Foods To Increase Semen Volume

One of the biggest effects to your overall sexual health as you age is low semen volume.

The fact is that many men aren’t interested in being fertile past a certain age…but there are still a number of reasons to care about keeping your semen volume high.

One reason is that higher semen volume is a great way to make sure that your boys downstairs are getting enough work to keep them interested.

As men age… their testicles don’t function with as much “enthusiasm” as before and start to produce lower levels of testosterone which is your master male hormone that helps maintain your heart health, brain health, and of course…your sex drive and energy levels.

Now… a lot of attention is given to keeping testosterone levels high and the desire for higher energy and drive in many men over 45 will even make them seek out TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) which is very expensive and carries it’s own set of potential dangers.

But much less attention is placed on semen volume.

Returning your semen production to more youthful levels is actually much more important in a number of male sexual and reproductive health measures which plague men as they age.

For one thing, a healthier prostate is required to maintain higher levels of semen and by keeping your semen levels higher you’ll also keep your prostate in better shape.

Secondly, a higher level of semen naturally leads to higher levels of both total testosterone and even more importantly, free testosterone (very important since free testosterone is the only variation that can actually positively affect your body).

And thirdly, to keep a higher level of semen you need to have better lifestyle habits like sleep and nutrition, which stokes the fire in your drive and gives you all the positive secondary benefits.

diet to increase the health of sperm

So with that in mind…here are 11 foods you can include in your diet that will give you higher levels of semen.

Eggs: But only whole eggs with the yoke. Cage-free eggs are the best. They deliver quality protein and vitamin E, which are both essential for healthy sperm production.
Bananas: Bananas are high in certain trace enzymes like bromelain that has been linked to a strong libido in males. They also are high in B vitamins that are important in energy production (important if you want to do the “wild thing.”)
Spinach: Spinach and other leafy greens have lots and lots of folate…an essential mineral for healthy sperm production. There’s a reason Popeye liked spinach so much.
Asparagus: High in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that protects all of the body from the damage of toxins and stress (two big killers of sex drive and reproductive health).
Carrots: Vitamin A is required in order to give your body the signal to produce sperm as well as improve your swimmer’s ability to move around. If you’re not into these crunchy orange delights…try red bell peppers or sweet potatoes.
Goji Berries: This popular fruit has an unexpected side-effect…beyond it’s powerful antioxidant properties it helps keep your boy’s temperature in the right zone. This is essential for sexual health, drive, and sperm production.
Walnuts: – Ironic that something the same size and shape of a testicle would also be so good for it. Walnuts contain Omega-3 which are great for flood flow and circulation (naturally important for any man wanting more “horizontal fun” in his life.)
Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds: These sneaky powerful but little-known super seeds are full of phytosterols…compounds known to improve testosterone production and sperm count.
Maca: this odd root contains compounds, which increase arousal in men and women. However, in men it’s been shown to increase blood flow to that special area which naturally results in higher sperm production. You may want to take this one as a supplement because the taste is fairly unpleasant.
Garlic: Garlic contains a compound called allicin – an important nutrient in maintaining the health of arteries, vessels and capillaries. It’s been used as an aphrodisiac in the east for 1000s of years. Just make sure that you have a reliable breath freshener if you’re going to be intimate.
Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate: rich in L-Arginine which is an amino acid which converts to several compounds in the body that improve libido, blood flow, and arousal.

You can eat all the super foods you want but nutrition is only one element of the solution to increase your semen volume. In order to have noticeable results, you must follow a full program.

Ask yourself this following question: We all know that protein are really good for gain muscle mass. Would taking protein supplement alone would be sufficient for someone to gain muscle mass?

Semen production follow the same principle. That is why I recommend you Try Paint Her Face Formula program sooner than later and you will thank yourself later to have made the right decision. Paint Her Face Formula program

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